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The Complete Baseball Scorekeeping Handbook

A far from dry, but noneless comprehensive manual on keeping a scorecard and analysis of the numerous, and often complex, official rules governing scorekeeping.

Baseball Scorekeeping:
A Practical Guide to the Rules

Many fans enjoy keeping track of baseball action with easy abbreviations written on simple grids. Serious scorekeeping, however, is more complicated than just jotting down runs, outs, and the final score. It requires a thorough knowledge of a large body of rules--many of which are confusing, and all of which must be followed carefully to ensure that the scorekeeper’s data are valid.

With confidence and enthusiasm, Andres Wirkmaa leads the reader through the daunting maze of rules that govern official scorekeeping.

Wirkmaa’s Baseball/Softball Scorebook

The Wirkmaa Baseball/Softball Scorebook was designed by Andres Wirkmaa, the noted author of Baseball Scorekeeping: A Practical Guide to the Rules.

It incorporates all the best features of scorebooks published in the past, eliminates all the worst aspects, and introduces numerous innovations in the bargain.

Made from the highest quality materials, it is designed to make scorekeeping as easy as it can be, while at the same time, it meets the needs of even the most serious and conscientious scorekeeper.

In addition, it has a detailed and comprehensive 5-page "mini treatise" on scorekeeping, that’s clear, to the point, and highly informative.

As an additional bonus, it also has complete scorecards from all four games of the historic 2004 World Series.

It’s the perfect scorebook for all levels of baseball, with score sheets for up to 27 games, and a "must have" for every baseball fan.