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Wirkmaa’s Baseball/Softball Scorebook

Wirkmaa’s Baseball/Softball Scorebook is unique and extraordinary.

Because of its clean, logical and intelligent design, it makes scorekeeping as easy as it can be. At the same time, it gives you the ability to keep track of an amazing amount of details and data with minimum effort.

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Every play, as well as each and every pitch--in sequence--can be recorded with ease, and your finished scorecard will be far more comprehensive and detailed than you ever dreamed possible.

Whether you’re a casual scorekeeper, doing it just for fun, or a serious scorekeeper entrusted with creating and preserving the official record of the game being played, you are sure to find Wirkmaa’s Baseball/Softball Scorebook to be the best scorebook you’ve ever used.

Here are just a few of the many features that make Wirkmaa’s Baseball/Softball Scorebook that make it the best scorebook on the market today.

Just the right size: Big enough, but not too big.

Wirkmaa’s Baseball/Softball Scorebook was purposely designed to be large enough to give you ample room to employ any scorekeeping style and not frustrate you and force you to write so small that your score sheets end up being virtually unreadable. But it’s not so large that it’s unwieldy or awkward, so you can use it comfortably in any setting or situation.

No clutter or unnecessary junk.

Each scoring box in Wirkmaa’s Baseball/Softball Scorebook gives you everything you need to keep a clean, neat and accurate scorecard. Unlike so many other scorebooks, there are no pointlessly repetitive and unnecessary pre-printed abbreviations, circles, boxes, doodles and the like, which--instead of making scorekeeping easier--only reduce the space available to record the events that make up the game being scored.

No "cross-outs" or "re-numbering" when a team "bats around" or the game goes into extra innings.

Many (if not most) scorebooks pre-print the number of the inning at the top of each scoring column to save you the "effort" of writing them in yourself. But when a team "bats around", or the game goes into extra innings, all those numbers end up getting crossed out and re-written from that point on. Because Wirkmaa’s Baseball/Softball Scorebook was designed to eliminate annoyances of that sort, it lets you number each inning’s column yourself. This avoids the headache of having to "cross-out" and "re-number" inning after inning, and the messiness that goes along with it as well.

Printed on high-grade paper in a quality binder.

The paper used in Wirkmaa’s Baseball/Softball Scorebook is by far the best there is for scorekeeping. It’s high-grade stock that’s "soft" enough to "hold" your notations firmly in place, but not so "soft" that it smudges and smears. Nor will the pages turn to mush, or your notations bleed, the moment the weather gets a little damp. In addition, the front and back covers are designed to always give you a firm surface on which to write. This virtually eliminates the need to use a clipboard or other backing when you don’t have a hard surface available.

Not just "a few well chosen words" about how to keep score, but a virtual "mini treatise" on scorekeeping.

Most scorebooks devote only a few paragraphs--at best--about how to keep a scorecard. In contrast, Wirkmaa’s Baseball/Softball Scorebook has over five pages of detailed instructions that take you, step by step, through the techniques necessary to keep a first-rate scorecard, starting with the elementary concepts and vocabulary, then building on those basics with suggestions that allow you to keep track of every single pitch--whether it’s a ball or a called strike or a foul ball or a pitch that the batter swings at and misses--in the exact sequence that the pitches were made. You also learn how to keep track of where every ball that’s put into to play was hit, without using goofy arrows, colored pens, or bizarre hieroglyphics.

And, instead of giving only an inning or two of a completed scorecard to illustrate what the scorecard should look like, Wirkmaa’s Baseball/Softball Scorebook has all four games of the historic 2004 World Series between the Cardinals and Red Sox--with every pitch, play, hit, error, run and putout faithfully recorded--making it a collector’s item in it’s own right.

Endorsed by--

Paul Dickson, the renowned baseball writer and author of Dickson’s Baseball Dictionary, The Joy of Keeping Score, and over 40 other titles connected with baseball and other subjects:

Rich Marazzi, the well-known author of Baseball Digest’s Rules Corner, radio show host, and the Official Rules Consultant for the New York Yankees, Houston Astros, Arizona Diamondbacks, and the Boston Red Sox:

Howie Karpin, an accredited Official Scorer for Major League Baseball, TV Show Host and veteran New York Sports Reporter.

Without a doubt, Wirkmaa’s Baseball/Softball Scorebook is not only the best scorebook that money can buy, but a valuable addition to any baseball library.